About us

Nirlat is one of the largest and leading Israeli industrial companies in the field of paint and is the leader in innovation, quality and service of construction paint, powder coatings and others. Nirlat specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of a wide variety of paints and coatings for exterior and interior use, for wood and metal, surface preparation compounds and sealants.

Nirlat works with a broad target group, providing advanced, quality solutions for all of its customers in the private, professional, institutional and industrial markets.Nirlat products are mostly sold on an Israeli market and are also exported to a variety of countries. Nirlat has two main manufacturing and distribution sites – in Kibbutz Nir-Oz and in Netanya as well as a unique service center for paint consultation and inspiration at Design Center in Bnei- Brak. The company employs over 400 people.

תמונת אוירה תמונת אוירה תמונת אוירה

For questions related to exports of Nirlat products abroad, please contact the export department at:

Nirlat is a part of a holding company Inrom Construction Industries Ltd. traded on a Tel-Aviv stock exchange. Nirlat works to promote the green agenda and raises the banner of environmental protection. The Nirlat factory in Nir-Oz has received the Standards Institution of Israel certification for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and it is considered as a "green" paint manufacturing. As part of the certification process, and in order to implement its green agenda, Nirlat has implemented at its Nir-Oz paint factory advanced technologies and innovative work methods, taking into consideration both humans and environment. The Nirlat Group is a founding member of the Green Building Council.

תמונת אוירה תמונת אוירה תמונת אוירה תמונת אוירה